University of Wisconsin–Madison
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From Centrex to Cisco VoIP

UW–Madison is transitioning to a new telephone and voice platform. The original State of Wisconsin contract for AT&T Centrex (analog and ISDN) telephone service has ended. The contract extension includes price increases intended to motivate State agencies to move to new technology.

UW–Madison will be using Cisco VoIP technology with access to the telephone network for local and long distance calling via AT&T. This will be the mandatory telephone service for UW–Madison.

The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of October 2018 with Unified Communications features (WebEx & Cisco Spark) becoming available spring 2018.

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Project progress

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What to expect during the transition

We’ve documented comprehensive information about how the process works, including an expected timeline of tasks and key events before, during and after the transition. Includes a printable PDF version. Contact your Migration Partner if you have questions about your division’s roll out plan.

Comprehensive transition information

Get your new phone or headset working

Follow the checklists below to set up your phone or headset and access voicemail to set up your personalized message.

All links open printable PDFs.

Desktop phone users checklist
Desktop phone users: Accessing voicemail
Headset users checklist
Headset users: Accessing voicemail